What type of fish collagen is in the Vitamin C?

The vitamin C fish collagen comes from a carp.

How long is the expiration date on Herb Day?

​The expiration date on the Herb Day ​is 3 years from the manufactured date(MFG) on the packet.

Why are there two different prices for Skincare 6 System (1 set)?

The Skincare 6 System (1 set)​ that is priced $145 is our point-oriented option ​that is offered for members who wish to reach a certain level of PV before the sales closing date.

​This option is worth 100,000 PV to accomodate the higher price. The Skincare 6 System​ ​that is priced $92 is our price-friendly option is worth less PV and is offered for members who simply want the product at the lowest price​.

How much caffeine does Cafe Arabica have?

One pack of Cafe Arabica Black (1.6g): 39.8mg of caffeine One pack of Cafe Arabia (12.1g): 37.2mg of caffeine

Who is HemoHIM for?

HemoHIM is a functional health supplement that can be consumed by anyone to help improve your immune system. However, ​HemoHIM is not recommended for children under the age of 6. The recommended intake for children ages 6 to 12 is half a pack (10ml).

Those who are allergic to cnidium, angelica radix or paeonia japonica miyabe should consult your doctor before consumption. Pregnant or nursing women should also consult your physicians.

How do I consume HemoHIM?

HemoHIM ​can be consumed directly from the pack. Recommended intake is 1 pack, twice a day but may vary depending on individual preference.

Do any products contain pork?

The following healthcare supplements are manufactured with capsules that contain pork skin: Eye Lutein Sophora Queen Sawpalmetto Alaska E-Omega 3

What is the recommended intake of Vitamin C for children?

The serving size for our Food Color Vitamin C (500mg) is based on the weight of a standard adult. According to Korean Nutrition Standards, the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C for children ages 6 to 12 is 60-70% of an adult.

Therefore, children should consume about 60-70% of the serving of Food Color Vitamin C depending on their weight.

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